Weekly Update – February 9

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Our insurance actuaries in Trinidad & Tobago are all focused on the Insurance (Amendment) Act, 2020 which, after years in gestation, has finally come to fruition. Those who have not yet been transitioning have a great deal of catching up to do.

We reviewed the latest actuarial magazines and webinar offerings and here’s what we thought we should share.

Of critical interest to STUDENTS is this on the SOA’s website, Prometric Testing Centers – Answers to Your Questions. Many students were at a loss regarding what to do when the SOA’s new exam policy intersected with COVID-9 restrictions. The CAS also gave an update on exams: Letter to Candidates from the CAS President and CEO Regarding CAS Exams.  Also from the SOA are SOA Professionalism Courses – Changing gears after 30 years and 2021 Student Research Case Study Challenge.

The IAA recently held a 3-part mini-series on Risk-based Financial Management and Supervision, in collaboration with the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). One module, Using Actuarial Reports – Getting the Added Value, was presented by Britta Hay and Stuart Wason. Recordings of these and other IAA webinars are available on their YouTube channel.

Also recently published by the IAA is their Discussion Paper, Pension Fund ESG Risk Disclosures: Developing Global Practice, produced by members drawn from the Resource and Environment Working Group and Pension and Employee Benefits Committee.

From the Actuarial Review Understanding Threats: Gray Swans, Black Elephants, and Butterflies (Oh My!).  Understanding the different characteristics of threats can help actuaries better understand how extreme events can affect their work.

In The Actuary (North America) we read A Quantum Walk Through Actuarial Science.

Actuview announced that they have hit the 10,000 registered viewers milestone and now have over 1,000 videos available. Sessions from our 2020 Conference as well as some sessions from 2018 and 2019 are available on Actuview.

We’ve seen several of our members move from insurance companies to banks in recent years. The CIA has launched a new portal, Seeing Beyond Risk, for articles and stories about Canada’s actuaries and the Canadian actuarial profession, though many articles are of interest to non-Canadians. There’s one on banking:  The Banking Industry and Actuaries: Closing the Gaps.  The IFoA continues to promote actuaries in banking with Banking Lifelong Learning case studies. Keeping on the non-traditional path, The Actuary also included an article on providing insurance for small farmers, Microinsurance: Collective gains.

 Louise Pryor, IFoA’s President Elect, spoke on Climate Change at our 2020 Conference. Have a look at Louise’s “Talking Sustainability” series on the IFoA website. From the new issue of CAS’ Actuarial Review we read Social Justice and the Actuary: What’s Next?

As COVID-19 forces us more and more online we must become more and more Internet savvy. In The Actuary (UK) we looked at  Insurance and social media: Keyboard worriers. You might also be interested in the SOA’s Cloud Computing Webcast on 25th February. And, of course, we can’t go online without being fully aware of cyber threats. Zyber Global Centre’s February Newsletter gave a rundown of The Worst Cyber Threats of 2020.

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2020 Conference Update – September 24

Call for Speakers

Today’s Actuary: Virtually Everywhere is the theme.

There will be 10 live sessions, 2 each day, from 30th November to 4th December. Most live sessions have already been determined. The remaining live sessions will be selected based on relevance to the theme with priority given to our Platinum Sponsors.

In addition, we will be uploading many recorded sessions to ActuView in the weeks preceding 30th November. All ideas are welcomed.

Proposed Topics include:
* CARICOM Past, Present & Future
* Presidents’ Town Hall
* The Impact of Covid-19
* Caribbean Economics
* Diversity of Thought
* IFRS 17
* Big Data and Analytics
* Climate Change
* Untraditional Actuaries
* Actuaries Giving Back
* The Dutch Pension Scheme
* Mental Health

Please send:

An abstract of less than 200 words accompanied by

Full names, email addresses and affiliations of presenter/co-presenters

Before 16th October 2020

to caa.secretariat@gmail.com

Other Webinars & Events

ActuView’s first online conference, aoc2020 on 24th and 25th September.

Tonya Manning, Joanne Meusz and Cathy Lyn speak at the latest Diversity Episode – the Power of Diversity of Thought … forging partnerships with actuaries – available on Friday, 25th.

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