CAA Weekly News Update – 22nd September

In case you missed it: IDB’s Caribbean Quarterly Bulletin Something special: Official virtual launch of NAWA: Network of Actuarial Women and Allies 7th October from 3:00-5:00pm EDT/AST. 2:00-4:00pm EST. Recently the IAA participated in a virtual actuarial skills training for insurance supervisors with the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) and the IAIS for the Sub-Saharan … Continue reading “CAA Weekly News Update – 22nd September”

Weekly News & COVID-19 Update – September 10

Dear Colleagues, 13th September, 8:00am EST, 9:00am EDT/AST: Continuing the conversation started at the CAA 2020 Annual Conference: The Power of Diversity of Thought: Inclusion in the Actuarial Profession, Pt 2 with Mitesh Sheth FIA (UK), Marjorie Ngwenya FIA (S. Africa), Tonya Manning FSA (USA) and Cathy Lyn FIA FSA (Jamaica) 15th September, 4:00pm EST, … Continue reading “Weekly News & COVID-19 Update – September 10”

COVID-19 Weekly Update – September 3

Dear Colleagues, Suggested Weekend Reading: CARICOM: New Mu variant could be more vaccine-resistant PAHO launches new collaborative platform to produce COVID-19 vaccines in Latin America and the Caribbean RGA Knowledge Center: COVID-19 Articles NY Times: The U.S. Is Getting a Crash Course in Scientific Uncertainty NY Times: Our Changing Lives: Mental Health Save the Date: … Continue reading “COVID-19 Weekly Update – September 3”

Weekly News Update – September 1

Happy Independence Day to our members and friends in Trinidad and Tobago who celebrated their 59th year yesterday! Celebrating Actuaries: On 2nd September 1895 actuaries from around the world met for the first International Congress of Actuaries in Brussels, Belgium. This event is commemorated annually with International Actuaries’ Day. Join the Celebration with actuaries from … Continue reading “Weekly News Update – September 1”

COVID-19 Weekly Update – August 27

Dear Colleagues, Suggested Weekend Reading: PAHO launches new collaborative platform to boost regional production of COVID-19 vaccines ECLAC’s Executive Secretary Will Present the Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 2021 CIA: Pandemic Risk Management: Resources Contingency Planning and Allocation NY Times: What to Know About Breakthrough Infections and the Delta Variant The Guardian: … Continue reading “COVID-19 Weekly Update – August 27”

Weekly News Update – August 25

Actuaries: Reach Out! Our FREE webinar TOMORROW, 26th August. This Diversity webinar with Lesley Traverso, Glennfor Hellement and Cathy Lyn explores the vast range of non-traditional fields where actuaries can make their mark. Register HERE. Save the Date: 6th to 10th December – CAA Annual Conference 2021 – CHANGE: Embracing the Disruption The SOA has … Continue reading “Weekly News Update – August 25”

COVID-19 Weekly Update – August 20

Dear Colleagues, Save the Date: 6th to 10th December – CAA Annual Conference 2021 CHANGE: Embracing the Disruption Suggested Weekend Reading: CARPHA Introduces Online Reporting Form for Reporting Adverse Events Following Immunization CARICOM: CTU To Discuss Internet Governance Priorities in Post-COVID-19 Era PAHO Director reports on overwhelmed medical facilities in Haiti and calls for international … Continue reading “COVID-19 Weekly Update – August 20”


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