CAA News & COVID-19 Update -21st January

Congratulations to Dana Reyes and Tyrese Clement, students at UWI St. Augustine, on being awarded the Fullerton-Long Scholarship. Many thanks to Andrew Long and Norbert Fullerton for their philanthropy.

Other Actuarial Scholarships tenable at The University of the West Indies are the Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship, endowed by Mike and Mary McLaughlin through the Actuarial Foundation, and our own Stephen Alleyne Memorial Scholarship, named in honour of one of our original Council members who passed away in 2007.


Congratulations to Hon. Mia Amor Mottley on her re-election as Barbados’ Prime Minister. Many of us are still talking about her contribution to our 2020 Conference.


What else we’re watching & reading:
Climate Corner:


UWI Mona Department of Mathematics has asked us to share the following job opening:  Senior Lecturer/ Lecturer in Actuarial Science


COVID-19 Updates:

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