Weekly News Update – 12th January

Remember to check out our new Board of Directors. Stay tuned as plans for the coming year take shape!

The IAA also has a new President and Executive Committee. Congratulations to President Roseanne Harris and President Elect Micheline Dionne.

Congratulations also to the new Board of the Actuarial Society of Kenya, led by Chair Sahib Khosla.

Almost 500 people registered our Annual Conference. Most popular among the 41 sessions were the IFRS 17 Workshop, President’s Town Hall and our keynote session, the Disruptive Entrepreneur. Keep watching actuview for recordings of these and other sessions soon to be uploaded.


Apolitical, an intergovernmental website which, as its name suggests, highlights the non-political side of governments, has named UWI’s Prof. Michael Taylor as one of its 100 Most Influential Academics. We note that Prof. Taylor is the only person from a developing country listed under Climate & Sustainability.


The International Congress of Actuaries 2023: Bridges to Tomorrow will take place in Sydney, Australia, 28th May-1st June. 

The IAA Bursary Congress Fund is available to provide some financial support to certain individuals with preference given to:

• residents of countries with a Gross National Income (GNI) of less than US$22,000 per capita

• individuals who have not received IAA bursaries for previous Congresses, IAA Fund meetings or Section Colloquia, except where repeat participation is considered to be in the best interests of the profession

• individuals who promote the profession and/or lead associations in good standing with their IAA membership criteria (IAA membership dues payments and confirmation forms)

• applicants who convey a serious intent and plan to share what they learned with the profession in their country following the congress, such as (but not limited to) making presentations to members of the actuarial association or to actuarial students.

The bursary application form may be completed here before 15th September 2022.


UWI Mona Department of Mathematics has asked us to share the following job opening:  Senior Lecturer/ Lecturer in Actuarial Science


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