Weekly News Update – September 1

Happy Independence Day to our members and friends in Trinidad and Tobago who celebrated their 59th year yesterday!

Celebrating Actuaries:

On 2nd September 1895 actuaries from around the world met for the first International Congress of Actuaries in Brussels, Belgium. This event is commemorated annually with International Actuaries’ Day.

Join the Celebration with actuaries from around the world at the International Actuarial Association’s virtual online event.  There’s even a special profile frame on Facebook!


As part of the Celebration, the IAA is publishing a series of interviews with actuaries from around the world. Here’s our own Lisa Wade.


The Power of Diversity of Thought: Episode 9 – Promoting Inclusion in the Actuarial Profession, Pt 2

With Mitesh Sheth, Tonya Manning, Marjorie Ngwenya and Cathy Lyn

13th September at 8:00am EST, 9:00am EDT/AST


The SOA has published their slate for upcoming elections. We note with pleasure that our long-time friend John Robinson is on the ballot for President Elect. CAA member Nikhil Asnani, who achieved his fellowship at the age of 23, is a candidate for the SOA’s International Section. You will remember Nikhil as the Chair of our 2018 Conference in Jamaica.

We encourage our members with SOA voting privileges to support these two candidates in their bids for office. SOA elections open between 13th – 24th September.


Articles & webinars of interest:
Climate Corner:

Save the Date: 6th to 10th December

CAA Annual Conference 2021 – CHANGE: Embracing the Disruption

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Your News Team: Shubhash, Betty & Pedro

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