News Update – July 14

Members: Tomorrow afternoon, 15th July. Town Hall. Be there!

All members were pre-registered and sent a link. Please use that link to confirm your registration.

Did you miss the New York Times Netting Zero webinar? Speakers included Henrietta Elizabeth Thompson, Ambassador of Barbados for Climate Change, Small Island Developing States and Law of the Sea. You can watch it, and previous instalments, on YouTube.

There is a movement, particularly in the UK, to invest pension funds more sustainably following the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

Two articles from The Guardian show that “the powers that be” were well aware of the (then) impending crisis more than half a century ago but did not act. Sixty years of climate change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored) and The scientists hired by big oil who predicted the climate crisis long ago

Of Critical Importance to ASA Candidates:

Announcement of ASA Curriculum Change and new Affiliate Member Category

ASA Curriculum Changes & Micro-Credentials FAQs

ASA Curriculum Changes and Micro-credentials Transition Rules

CAA President Kyle did a survey on IACA’s membership which has been included in their June Newsletter.

All Ordinary, Affiliate and Associate members are reminded that online CPD attestation for 2020 closes on 31st July. Please read our CPD Policy then complete your online attestation before that date.

Actuarial articles & webinars of interest:

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Bonne Fête Nationale to our readers in France.

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