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Stay tuned for details of an exciting CAA Webinar – Extending the Actuaries’ Reach – on 24th June!
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Food for Thought

As we conduct more and business and personal tasks from home our online exposure increases. Almost daily we hear about a cyber attack on some company or organisation but how many of us really understand the different types of threats and what they mean? Have a look at this for a basic understanding. “Why should I be concerned? Won’t IT/my computer guy install what I need?” For the most part, you’re probably right. The expert “black hats”, hackers who mean real harm, target large multinationals and there isn’t much the average person can do about that. BUT they do occasionally get in by a back door: an employee’s under protected system.

However, there are thousands of scammers out there who target individuals to steal personal bank or credit card information – and YOU are the target. Sure, we know that email from a “friend” who’s stranded in a foreign country and has had their cards stolen is probably a scam. But there’s lots more out there. It is very, very easy to fall prey to phishing and each and every one of us is vulnerable. You get an email from (supposedly) your bank, Internet provider, courier service, etc. which informs you of an account error or asks you to click on a link to update information. You do so and that’s it, the bad guys are in! Here’s one person’s ordeal. If you get such an email, check the address. It might be one letter different from the real URL. Don’t click on the link! Phone your bank or log in the usual way and check.  

Here are some more articles on the subject:

The Atlantic: The Next Big Gasoline Shortage Is Coming

Bloomberg: New Zealand Hospitals Under Prolonged IT Outage From Ransom Hack

Zyber Global Centre: The Impact of COVID-19 on Cyber Security in the Caribbean

Climate Corner
To The World

Prof. Michael Taylor, Director of the Climate Studies Group, Mona (CSGM), has made a name for himself far outside of the Caribbean. He is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and was lead author of their publication Global Warming of 1.5 ºC His predecessor at CSGM and IPCC was renowned Prof. Anthony Chen, joint Nobel Laureate in 2007.

Elections are open in several actuarial bodies. We encourage all who have voting rights in any of these bodies to exercise those rights.  

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