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Elections are open in several actuarial bodies. We encourage all who have voting rights in any of these bodies to exercise those rights.   

Food for Thought

We just watched an old episode of Chicago PD where predictive analytics were used in a low-income area to identify young men most likely to commit a crime or be the victim of a crime. In an ideal world these youngsters could be channelled into a programme where they could realise their full academic or technical potential. However, we all know that in the real world they’d be targeted by the police as suspects in any crime AND would already have been targeted by the gangs as likely recruits. Another thought: Why only in low-income areas? If a similar system was used in high-income areas how many potential Bernie Madoffs or Andrew Lusters would be uncovered?

Good, bad or just very, very scary?

Climate Corner
To the World

Ever tried Googling “famous people from the Caribbean” and becoming frustrated when all that comes up are entertainers and athletes? We are all incredibly proud of Bob Marley, Rihanna, Usain Bolt, etc. but there are so many other stars who shine in a multitude of disciplines.  This week we start a new feature highlighting individuals from the Caribbean who have reached the top internationally. Let’s start right at home. In our International Women’s Day post, we introduced you to Muriel Mudie, born in Jamaica, who became the first female fellow of the CIA and one of Canada’s leading experts in life company taxation.

In 1949 when the Actuarial Society of America and the American Society of Actuaries merged to become the Society of Actuaries, the first President elected was a gentleman by the name of Edmund M. McConney.

McConney started his career at Manufacturers Life until enlisting in the Canadian army at the outbreak of World War I. After the war, he moved to the USA where he joined Bankers Life Company eventually becoming that company’s president in 1946. In addition to his top position with the SOA, Edmund was also an Associate of the Institute of Actuaries, a member of the Institut des Actuaires Franҫais, an honorary member of the Instituto de Actuarios Españoles, and Conseil de Direction des Congres International des Actuaires.

He also served as chairman of the Institute of Life Insurance and was a director of the Life Insurance Association of America, the Life Insurance Medical Research Fund, the Life Underwriters Training Council and the Huebner Foundation for Insurance Education. He also served on the National Industrial Conference Board. Active in civic affairs, Edmund was chairman of the Board of Trustees of Drake University, where he received an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree, president of the Edmundson Art Foundation and president of the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce.

Did we mention that Mac McConney was born in St. Kitts and attended university in Barbados? Read the very first Presidential Address given to the brand-new Society of Actuaries in November 1949.

Stay tuned for details on another exciting webinar coming to you in June!

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