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Should one couple’s divorce have the potential to influence the world economy? Who among us flipped over this headline without reading it? Though, of course, we’re pretty sure vast armies of lawyers worked out the smallest details before the first tweet appeared. We suspect the cause of the impending divorce is that age-old problem: At some point in life some of us rethink priorities and may want to concentrate more on family and personal objectives while their partner might not, especially if that partner is a workaholic.

Gates is constantly criticised for wanting to rule the world by overpowering the competition but how did it all start? Remember basic economics: supply and demand? When Microsoft was just getting off the ground, it did not have the ability to cut out the competition. It started growing to its megalithic size because consumers got what they (we) demanded.

The silver lining of all this is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, created when their individual foundations merged about 20 years ago, which has ploughed many billions in hard currency into improving health and education in poor and developing countries, as well as at home in the USA. We are pleased to learn that they will continue to work together on that endeavour.

Climate Corner:
CAA Notices:
  • A reminder to ALL ordinary, associate and affiliate members to do your 2020 CPD attestation. Click here to read our CPD Policy.
  • As actuaries we are greatly concerned with Climate Change. If you would like to be a part of the CAA’s effort to address this concern, please contact the Secretariat.
  • STUDENTS: SOA candidates having difficulties finding a place to sit their exams may refer to the SOA website or contact our Secretariat.

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