Weekly Update – May 5

Actuarial Updates:

Did you miss our recent webinars? They are now on actuview.

Lateral Thinking: The Power of Diversity of Thought

SOA Competency Framework

IMPORTANT for Insurance Actuaries in Barbados: FSC Natural Disaster Stress Testing for Insurance Companies with Exposures in Barbados

Here’s a UK site which may be of interest to pension actuaries.

Food for Thought:

As Caribbean people we pride ourselves on being a wonderful mix of races, nationalities and religions. We look with horror on the blatant prejudices played out in so many countries. But are we really that clean? What biases, or full-blown prejudices, do we harbour, consciously or unconsciously? Here’s one we might all be guilty of: Old people can’t do the job: they’re stuck in their ways; they don’t understand technology. Young people can’t do the job: they don’t have enough experience; they’re too easily distracted.

Have a read of this article.

Climate Corner:
CAA Notices:
  • A reminder to ALL ordinary, associate and affiliate members to do your 2020 CPD attestation. Click here to read our CPD Policy.
  • As actuaries we are greatly concerned with Climate Change. If you would like to e a part of the CAA’s effort to address this concern, contact the Secretariat.
  • STUDENTS: SOA candidates having difficulties finding a place to sit their exams may refer to the SOA website or contact our Secretariat.

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