News Update – April 22

Hi Everyone,

TODAY IS EARTH DAY. What will YOU do today and the rest of your life to reduce your carbon footprint?

Happening now: Leaders’ Summit on Climate. It is very important that action, not just empty promises, come out of this. The good news is that, despite differences on almost everything else, both the USA and China are participating. These two countries together produce roughly ⅓ of the world’s greenhouse gases.  Here’s an interactive chart showing various countries’ emissions.

Global warming affects the Caribbean even more that it does many other places. Rising sea levels are greater closer to the equator because of centrifugal forces. Here’s an eye-opening article by a geology professor. He postulates that, in the Earth’s normal climate cycle, sea levels might rise 20 feet over the next 2000 year and mankind would most likely adapt. But, given the current trajectory, sea levels could rise 2 feet in less than 20 years. Not much? Look at a topographical map and check the elevations of some familiar places. Though the jury’s still out on the direct causation of more and stronger hurricanes, this article from National Geographic concludes that “You can’t say climate change caused 2020’s roster of rapidly intensifying, slow-moving, rain-rich storms – only that it made such a year more likely: This season we just saw is the kind of season we might expect to see more of under climate change”.

Then there’s all the other ways we’re polluting the Earth. Think one word: PLASTIC. Here are some Facts and Figures from UNESCO and more from CONDOR.

Here’s something you might not even know about Bitcoin.

So, let’s go back to the beginning: What will YOU do today and the rest of your life to reduce your carbon footprint?

A popular meme states that our problem will not be solved by hundreds of people acting perfectly but rather by millions of people acting imperfectly.

  • Buy a 250ml thermos and give up that ubiquitous water bottle
  • Carry reusable shopping bags
  • Don’t run 10 errands a week, organise them better
  • Fly less
  • Use LED lightbulbs
  • Don’t buy things on impulse only to throw them out
  • Conserve water
  • Conserve electricity
  • Always recycle
  • Volunteer for the CAA’s Climate Change Committee – Happening Soon!

Earth Day Live on YouTube


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