Weekly News Update – March 17

Hi Everyone,

Despite the challenges we all faced last year, three of our members were able to achieve their fellowships. Our warmest congratulations to Anika Peart, Saabera Narine and Ian Clarke for reaching this milestone!

Interesting events coming up!

Caroline Grégoire, who some of us know from Actuaries without Borders, and now Actuaires du Monde, is presenting a free webinar, through her company, TOMORROW, 18th, at lunchtime in the Caribbean.

Sharpen your Edge. Find your Balance: Join this one-hour webinar, designed to give leaders, primarily in the finance, insurance and actuarial sectors, valuable insights on how to stay resilient, build stamina and even thrive in these challenging and uncertain times!

And don’t forget our own webinar, next Thursday, 25th. The material is not SOA specific so is of interest to actuaries/aspiring actuaries from other bodies. The target audience includes:

  • Early career actuaries and students who want to take a long-term view of their career paths.
  • Advanced actuarial students closing in on *Fellowship* and looking forward to more free time for building their interpersonal versatility.
  • Seasoned actuaries who seek guidance for the next stage of their careers.

REGISTRATION IS FREE! More information and registration on our website.

More Items of Interest:

  • Actuaires du Monde has presented a series of webinars to actuarial students at the University of the West Indies on Introduction to the Actuarial Profession. Four very successful sessions have already taken place and there is a possibility of more.
  • The IAA has expressed its intent to respond to public consultations on:
    • Revised OECD Roadmap for the Good Design of Defined Contribution Retirement Savings Plans, and
    • IOPS consultation on their proposals on Good practices for designing, presenting and supervising pension projections
  • The CAA has representation on all the IAA committees involved so will have a part in formulating these responses.
  • International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2021: call for proposals now open. Deadline for submissions is 15th May. Under the theme Reaching scale in small countries, this conference is tentatively scheduled to take place late October in Jamaica.

* Opening for a fellow, or near fellow, at Colina Insurance in The Bahamas: details here. *

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Your News Team: Shubhash, Betty, Pedro and Brian

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