COVID-19 Update – March 5

Dear Colleagues,

A few reminders and takeaways:

The number of total confirmed cases has almost doubled in the first two months of the year in Jamaica. It has risen around fourfold in Cuba, eightfold in Barbados and around tenfold in St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, according to Oxford University’s Our World in Data database.

We know persons who have received the vaccine, either both doses, or just the first. No one with whom we’ve been in touch has had any significant adverse response. We have communicated with people in Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Barbados. We know quite a few Jamaicans who have travelled to the USA specifically for the vaccine. Florida’s “vaccine tourism”. If the vaccine is available to you, Take it. There will always be positives and negatives.

It is still important to follow the protocols essential to prevent getting the virus and spreading the virus.

As barriers are lifted, care is more essential with regard to COVID-19. We are risk experts. We apply the actuarial control cycle to manage and reduce risks.

We’re all good drivers. That does not prevent us from having accidents.

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Stay safe and happy.

Your News Team: Shubhash, Betty, Pedro and Brian

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