News Update – September 23

Hi Everyone,

For the first time, the international actuarial streaming platform ActuView will be hosting its own online event:


This yearly conference will bring together stakeholders and experts from the global actuarial community to discuss the latest actuarial topics and more. The event is relevant to all actuaries worldwide and will be as easily accessible as ActuView itself.

See the full programme here.

Diversity of Thought, Episode 5 will be available on Friday. No ActuView code is required to watch this session.

Watch Tonya Manning, Joanne Meusz and Cathy Lyn discuss how Actuaries Forging Partnerships will build better and more sustainable solutions for all!

Remember to send your submissions or ideas in time for next Wednesday’s Open Mic!

Please visit our website, Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Best Regards,

Shubhash & Betty

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