News Update – September 9

Hi Everyone,

Actuaries often give back to their profession and their communities. If you or a member you know is involved in philanthropic or charitable ventures please let us know what YOU are doing so that we may share your story too!

We are all very proud of CAA Honorary Member Mike McLaughlin and his wife Mary for their particularly successful Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF). Founded 12 years ago as a non-profit, TTFF has now given away 200,000 fruit trees, 25 sets of food processing equipment, and a great deal more, in 18 countries. Mike and Mary travel to all these countries giving away trees and equipment and educating people on the importance of climate change and food self-reliance.   Read more about their story here.

Cathy Lyn and her sister Marjanne started the Gloria Lyn Memorial Fund in honour of their mother, who spent 20 years lecturing in the English Department of UWI Mona. The Fund awards several monetary prizes every year to Jamaican university and high school students through literary competitions. They then take the winners on the road to appear in literary competitions across the country. Read more about them and their young stars here.

And, as is to be expected, actuaries often look to the next generation:

The CAA’s Stephen Alleyne Memorial Scholarship (UWI)

The Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship (UWI)

The Long Actuarial Scholarship (UWI)

The Norbert Fullerton Actuarial Scholarship (UWI)

The Actuarial Foundation

IFoA Foundation

Actuarial Hakathon (Australian actuaries assisting established charities)

Remember to send your submissions or ideas in time for next Wednesday’s Open Mic!

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Shubhash & Betty

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