COVID-19 Update

Dear Colleagues,

A few personal comments:

  1. Wearing masks when in public is essential. While some may argue that Sweden proves the opposite; note that the Swedes are a very disciplined society when compared to most. They have mastered social distancing and practise it to good effect.
  2. Avoid crowds and any contact that may expose you to the risk of contracting COVID-19.
  3. Even though you may believe that you will not be affected health wise if you contract COVID-19remember that we don’t know the impact later on in life.
  4. Have a sanitising protocol when entering your home after being in public spaces.
  5. Focus on your Immunity – nutrition, exercise and attention to health.
  6. COVID-19 will affect us to this extent for at least another 18 months, so we need to adjust our lifestyles to maintain our health in the future.

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Thank you.

Shubhash Gosine

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