Daily Update – August 27

Hi Everyone:

Actuarial News

Reminding all members with SOA voting rights to consider CAA members and friends when casting your votes in the SOA Elections which close on 4th September.

Nazir Valani – Board

Stephen Cameron – Product Development Section

Stephanie Banfield – Reinsurance Section

Simone Davis – Smaller Insurance Company Section

CAS Elections close on 31st August

IFoA launches the IFoA Foundation

Webinars & Events

At the recent Actuarial Research Conference, our Editor, Shubhash Gosine, was one of the presenters of  COVID-19:  International Perspectives. The session was moderated by John Robinson, long-time friend of the CAA.

2021 ASTIN/AFIR/ERM Colloquium Call for Papers opens until 7th October 2020

2021 ASHK/IAALS /PBSS Colloquium Call for Papers opens until 6th November 2020

The UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022 Call for papers

IFoA’s  Asia Conference 2020 7th-25th September

2020 AICT/CAS Joint Property/Casualty and Health Actuarial Seminar 14th-15th September

ActuView’s first online conference, aoc2020 24th-25th September

SOA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Exhibit 26th-29th October

2020 Understanding Risk Forum

Recoding of IACA’s webinar Managing and Growing your Firm in an era of Pandemic and Lockdown (YouTube)

The Caribbean Actuarial Association’s 30th Annual Conference

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Best Regards,

Shubhash & Betty

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