News Update – July 30

Hi Everyone:

Students sitting SOA Exams

Earlier this month, we announced that the CAA had engaged the SOA to work together towards a solution that ensures that Caribbean actuarial candidates would not be disadvantaged when all SOA examinations are moved to computer-based testing (CBT) in Fall 2020.

We are happy to confirm that a policy has been crafted to strike the correct balance between providing candidates with access to the exam without undue financial and logistical obstacles while providing the appropriate the level of exam security to ensure fairness to all candidates and as well as supporting the validity of examination results.

Formal communication will be published by the SOA with details of the new policy being implemented for Caribbean Students.

We will continue to engage and support the SOA in implementing this initiative.

SOA Exam details may be viewed on their website.

All Members

CAA CPD attestation closes tomorrow, 31st July!

All Ordinary, Affiliate and Associate Members of the Caribbean Actuarial Association are required to do Continuing Professional Development. This requirement became effective 1st January 2010. Attestation is done online by logging into our website.

The Caribbean Actuarial Association’s requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by its Members are the same as the requirements for Continuing Professional Development of the professional body through which the Member attained full qualification as an Actuary or through which the Member has pursued or is pursuing actuarial examinations, or which the Board of Directors has approved. Members who are Category 3, partially regulated members, of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) must comply with the CPD requirements applicable to Category 2 members of the IFoA.

IFoA members please note: Changes made by the IFoA to their CPD requirements this year do not apply to your CAA attestation being made for 2019.

Members who do not attest by 31st July will be recorded as non-compliant and this status will appear in the membership directory on our website. They will also be required to inform those relying on their actuarial expertise that they are not compliant with the CAA CPD Policy.

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Best Regards,

Shubhash & Betty

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