News Update – July 8

Hello Everyone,

Our Blog on Wednesdays offers a forum for any member to share a project, idea or their work with all of us.

Today’s contribution is from Mike Smith:

Actuaries Without Borders (AWB®) is a Section of the International Actuarial Association (AWB website). Founded in 2003, AWB has conducted various projects around the world: AWB Projects.

AWB seeks to make available actuarial services on a temporary basis through volunteer efforts of its members to assist in the development and sound management of social security, enterprise risk management, pensions, insurance (including non-life, life and microinsurance),  investments,  healthcare  and  other infrastructures  and  wider  areas wherein the actuarial skills can be of use.  Through its projects and “grass roots” network of contacts, AWB also contributes to the awareness of the actuarial profession and the advancement of actuarial education by encouraging AWB members to take on teaching and coaching assignments in-person and virtually.  AWB focuses on geographic areas in which there is a lack of actuarial resources (“target countries”), irrespective of geographical boundaries. AWB provides an excellent interface between developing & emerging markets and actuarial professionals in the insurance, pension, social and economic spheres.

Since the beginning of the year, CAA Leaders, representatives from regional centers of influence and AWB members have been in discussion about either an in-person or a virtual session for the Caribbean. We are hopeful to have a project or two requested by the CAA or entities within the region before the end of 2020.

In the meantime, please consider joining Actuaries Without Borders!!


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Shubhash & Betty

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One thought on “News Update – July 8”

  1. Happy to promote Actuaries without Borders, but Madame Renata De Leers, Executive Director of AwB, deserves most of the credit for the words in the note.


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