News Update – June 25

Hi Everyone,

Did you send in your entry for our Conference Theme Competition? We had dozens of responses which the team is reviewing to pick a winner. Watch our Thursday Blog for more news on our completely reimagined Annual Conference!

There’s one thing that’s probably holding everyone’s attention this week:

The Guardian: ‘Godzilla dust cloud’ from Sahara blankets Caribbean on its way to US

NOAA: Saharan Dust Blows Across the Atlantic

It’s reported that this is the worst this phenomenon has been in 50 years and it is particularly harmful to those with compromised respiratory systems.

The IAA has published their Annual Report which can be downloaded here (pdf)

There’s also news that the International Accounting Standards Board has decided on a new effective date for IFRS 17

You might want to have another look at our March Newsletter and our 2019 Annual Report.

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Best regards,

Shubhash & Betty

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