Daily Update – June 2

Dear Colleagues,

A link to the IAA May newsletter is included today.

Today’s links of interest:

  • The RGA website highlighted these two articles:

Association of nongenetic factors with breast cancer risk in genetically predisposed groups of women in the UK Biobank cohort. – JAMA, April 24, 2020. The study concluded that a healthier lifestyle appears to be associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer across all strata of genetic risk.

Diet, nutrition, and cancer risk: What do we know and what is the way forward? The BMJ, March 11, 2020

  • From the IMF:

F&D: Policies, Politics and Pandemics – Summer 2020 Issue (pdf)

New Blog: How the Great Lockdown Saved Lives

Please contact our Secretariat for a code to access the wealth of discussion papers, presentations, webinars, etc. available on ACTUVIEW!

Thank you.

Shubhash Gosine

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