COVID-19 Daily Update – June 1

Dear Colleagues,

We include a note from our President, Kyle Rudden:

“Morning CAA Colleagues – hope you are all keeping safe.

Sat in on the IAA COVID 19 modelling webcast this morning.  Most of the issues relate to countries where you have a lot of deaths (and good data).  But if you have an interest in COVID modelling, you can take a look at the recording. 

In the meantime, I think you would find the graph on p.11 of the hazard ratio analysis (UK deaths) very interesting. “

MedRxiv is a free online archive for complete but unpublished, not yet peer reviewed, manuscripts in medical, clinical, and related fields. Paper: OpenSAFELY: factors associated with COVID-19-related hospital death in the linked electronic health records of 17 million adult NHS patients. (pdf)

Links of Interest:

Science X:

Scientists develop method to help epidemiologists map spread of COVID-19

Solution to century-old math problem could predict transmission of infectious diseases

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Shubhash Gosine

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