COVID-19 Update – May 22

Dear Colleagues,

For us to keep improving and developing this daily blog, we need feedback. It continues to be a work-in-progress. We would like to add more information rather than just provide data and suggested reading.

For example, the Stringency Index is based on 9 metrics which the Oxford unit uses. Members who follow a particular country may have more details that can explain the numbers and identify additional actions that are important.

The table started with those Caribbean countries with CAA membership. When other islands were added, we highlighted the main group and occasionally provided visuals. We will now add other countries for comparison. In effect, three groups will be shown to assist those readers who are just interested in their focus. We also changed from sorting by number of cases to alphabetical order as requested by readers.

Finally, we apologise for not making it absolutely clear that, since we missed the table on Wednesday, the table yesterday showed the changes over both days (displayed but not mentioned).

Remember to check the Resources page of our website and our Facebook page.

Thank you.

Shubhash Gosine

  • On May 12, 2020, RGA participated in a webinar “The COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights and Implications for Insurers,” presented by the International Insurance Society.

In this session, three leaders from Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) shared their views from different, yet integrated, perspectives to help insurers make sense of the evolving global pandemic. To view the recording click here.

You will likely be interested in the IAA’s second webinar in its COVID-19 Series which takes place on 1st June.Registration is now open!

Abstract: This webinar will host a discussion on COVID-19 related actuarial model considerations and the introduction of the new David Wilkie Pandemic Model (2020) with leading actuarial experts David Wilkie FFA, FIA and Stuart Mcdonald FIA, CERA.  Annie Tay FIA FIAA, a Board member of the AFIR-ERM and a practising international actuary, will be moderating this session.. Read more…

Weekend read from the IMF Blog.

The information on this page does not necessarily reflect the opinions, standards or policies of the CAA. Data included in graphs has been obtained from several sources the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed by the CAA. The CAA assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of content contained in any linked site.

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