COVID-19 Update-April 20

Dear Colleagues,

The SOA’s Medical and Epidemiological View of COVID-19 for the Insurance Industry Webcast will take place on 23rd or 24th April depending on your time zone. Registration closes today. You may register here.

Here is the current situation in the Caribbean:

CountryTotal CasesInfectedDeathsRecoveredDate of 1st reported case
World2,436,1191,631,950166,762637,4078th December
Jamaica19616452710th March
Bahamas604091115th March
Trinidad & Tobago1148582112th March
Barbados755151917th March
Suriname1031613th March
Curacao15411013th March
Belize18162022nd March
Guyana63486918th March
Haiti47443019th March
Bermuda864653518th March
Cayman Islands61531712th March
Covid-19 statistics as at April 19th 2020


Jamaica had an increase of 23 cases. Almost half of Jamaica’s cases are said to be associated with the call centre cluster.

Here are some links that are very interesting:

Study predicts delay in peaking of COVID-19 cases in the US

COVID-19: The Exponential Power of Now – With Prof. Nicholas Jewell

I remind members that both the SOA and the IFOA have a lot of current information that is both helpful and interesting. These and others are linked on our website’s Resources page.

Feedback welcome.

Thank you.

Shubhash Gosine

The information on this page does not necessarily reflect the opinions, standards or policies of the CAA. Data included in graphs has been obtained from several sources the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed by the CAA. The CAA assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or completeness of content contained in any linked site.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update-April 20”

  1. Thanks very much for this info. What are the lessons we are learning from this spread picture. Any in sight about these Caribbean figures from the actuaries on the corona virus team? None of the islands had the virus to start with so we allowed arrivals to bring it in with no containment measures February/March.
    Who are the teams handling containment of spread, are they talking to each other, did they start making a plan how to deal with arrivals in December when the China experience started, lock down is only a measure to buy time, so what is the plan, the WHO has shared pandemic guidelines with nations for a long time so it is not as if the team started with a blank sheet of paper, why is our plan so patchy? Locking down all BPOs in Jamaica sounds like panic or is there spread info that has not been made public?
    Each move seems to be reactionary rather than thinking in advance and bringing the public to be active in the containment game from February/March. Happening now when the economic stress is getting harder to bear. Do the actuaries have a spread containment model to share/discuss? This is not criticism, more curiousity about the thinking behind the measures and preparation taking place.
    What about stats on testing and equipment available. What about conversations/connections with WHO and PAHO or are our plans independent of them? Looking or more insight beyond superficial driving the decision making.
    Happy to volunteer, meet the teams and hear their views.


    1. Thank you for your feedback.
      -We are only providing information on the region, not analyzing this information. Our members will do their own analyses.
      -Your questions and comments relate to a much deeper analysis. Eckler and Oliver Wyman are sharing their reports with the CAA. Check the Resources link on the CAA website.
      -Some of your questions are for the Minister of Health and the Government. If you can get those answered, please share with us.
      -The Trinidad actuaries have developed a model. Actuaries in other countries may also be doing so.


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