COVID-19 Update – July 10

Dear Colleagues, Please note: Tuesday and Friday are for Covid-19. Suggested Weekend Reading: Region: The IDB Group: Response to Coronavirus New York Times: Pandemic Plunges Puerto Rico Into Yet Another Dire Emergency Data: Ourworldindata.org (new graphs available) Health: WebMD: More Vitamin D, Lower Risk of Severe COVID-19? UC Berkeley News: Emergency COVID-19 measures prevented more … Continue reading “COVID-19 Update – July 10”

News Update – July 9

An Important Message for All Students sitting SOA Exams Dear Students, In June 2020, the Society of Actuaries (S0A) announced that all examinations will be moving to a computer-based testing (CBT) approach beginning with the Fall 2020 exams. We know that many of our actuarial students are SOA candidates and will be impacted by this … Continue reading “News Update – July 9”

News Update – July 8

Hello Everyone, Our Blog on Wednesdays offers a forum for any member to share a project, idea or their work with all of us. Today’s contribution is from Mike Smith: Actuaries Without Borders (AWB®) is a Section of the International Actuarial Association (AWB website). Founded in 2003, AWB has conducted various projects around the world: … Continue reading “News Update – July 8”


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